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Welcome to the future of transforming data into valuable information and insight.
This is our core business: using BI and analytics as the lever behind the transformation to data-driven organizations. Simply put, we help management at all levels make accurate decisions based on facts and data.

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Insight 360 have worked under Exceed IT for a number of years, achieving abundant success in the field of IT. When Insight 360 branched out from Exceed as part of Exceeders Platform, more success and prosperity laid on the horizon as a leader of BI and Data analytics in the region. After gaining experience, expertise, and exposure with Exceed IT, Insight 360 became a driving force in business intelligence solutions and data analytics in the region.


With over 120 data analytics projects since 2011 covering broad range of industries: Retail, Public sector, Education, Hospitality & tourism, Transportation, banking and telecommunication.

Our mission is to assist our customers in moving towards a data-driven organization by enabling more people to access more data and empower them with all types of analytics (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive). 


Insight 360’s financial success went from USD 250K to USD 3 million due to dedication, professionalism, hard work and resilience.

We believe in providing value to our clients by working together to achieve the business goals, enabling the business team to consume data and use it in making strategic and tactical decisions to support the business continuity and prosperity.

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Unlock Your Data, Empower Your Team with Smart Business Insights

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Gain 360 visibility on business performance

Inject data analytics in the decision making process and become data driven organization

Get smart insights using advanced analytics

insure one version of the truth of your business key drivers

Avoid Failure 


Managing and taking decisions without a proper decision support system and data analytics is like a pilot flying with folded eyes.

All the studies which has been done by IDC and other market research confirming that organizations that are able to digest and transform the data to insights will have a big advantage against who doesn't.

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